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Please see the Family Faith Formation tab for the calendar and more details

Sacramental Preparation

These preparation sessions are for ALL students of appropriate age: both Public School and Catholic School. Detailed information regarding Sacramental Prep can be found on the Family Faith Formation Tab.

Extra Info. for Religious Education Teachers

Anyone in the Diocese of Buffalo working in proximity to children is required to attend a “Protecting God’s Children” safe environment seminar. These 3 ½ hour events are scheduled regularly around the Diocese. The best place to check for other up-coming seminars is near the back page of any Western New York Catholic newspaper. This is a one-time seminar which introduces the safe environment concept to participants. Anyone may attend one. Those who choose to then teach or volunteer with students will be asked to maintain their training with on-line bulletins. If you would like to volunteer or to speak with Melissa Weisenburg about curriculum, supplies, expectations, etc. please call 683-5515.

REAC Meeting Minutes for May 4, 2015


Open with “Mission Statement” and a prayer for all children in the world.

Attendance: Father Gene, Melissa Weisenburg, Meghan Dandrea, Heather Andrezewski, Ed Bushway, Noelle Dugas, Ed Skutnik, Rachel Tibold, Sharon Walsh, Dave Walsh

Absent: Jay Staskiewicz

Old Business

Recruiting parents for REAC – no new candidates to date

Persons/families who register in the parish do so most often by mail, rarely in person. After our discussion at REAC, Fr. Gene will review the welcome process with office staff and YFF to make sure families with children have contact with Melissa and Meghan in a timely/appropriate manner. 

POP Culture, Annunciation’s teen music ministry, has been praising God at the 5 PM Sunday Mass during the school year.  Carrie Ford, POP Culture music Director, has recommended that the group remain active over the summer.  The group is scheduled to sing at least once at each Mass time over the summer.

Melissa (Director) will talk to the parish about YFF at each Mass on the weekend of 5/30-5/31.

Sharon (Chair of REAC) will prepare a short article on REAC for the bulletin.  The REAC minutes will be posted on the parish website each month.

Father Gene’s support for the Youth Faith Formation programs is truly appreciated.  Father visits the class rooms each week and participates in sacramental programs and other special occasions.  It has been inspirational for students and teachers alike.

Ed Bushway opened a discussion on our YFF programs being known in the community for its Christian moral events where their children can have fun in a safe environment.  The policy of Annunciation’s YFF social programs are one of inclusiveness.  YFF encourages our youth to bring a friend to any open events offered.  YFF staff will work with Joe Kirchmeyer (Annunciation publicity) to help get the word out in our community on all our social events.  Regarding classroom attendance, any student wishing to bring a friend must ask their teacher for permission in advance of the class.


Dave presented the current year revenues and expenses for the YFF programs.  This current fiscal year (September 2014 through March 2015) is $16,709 better than plan. Over $4,000 of that favorability comes from parishioners’ direct contributions to YFF as special gifts.


New Business

The religious art work from grades 6 – 8 will be exhibited in church on the 5/30-5/31 weekend.

Melissa’ (Director) comments: The home-based program for YFF is being re-evaluated by Melissa.  She is looking at three alternatives in addition to the existing program.  More on this next month. 

Meghan’s (Associate Director) comments: Simply put – it has been a very good year.  Sacramental programs are going as scheduled.  Retreats have been well received.  Participation at Mass and other functions is up.  Children from all three educational options (home school, catholic, and public) have participated in ministries in record numbers.


Father Gene’s comments: Father is pleased to see that our Catechists/Teachers have taken advantage of the Diocesan speakers invited to Annunciation.  Also that Melissa and Meghan are maintaining good relations and utilizing resources offered by the Diocese.


The meeting closed with personal intentions and prayer

Next meeting June 1, 2015 at 6:30PM in community room

Respectfully Submitted by Dave Walsh, 5/18/2015.  652-1702


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