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Family Faith Formation (FFF) exists for the purpose of spreading the Good News of Christ to its students and to their families. The staff and volunteers are committed to assisting families in the beautiful task of molding young disciples in the faith. Basic requirements for all FFF volunteers:

  • A love for Christ and youth.​
  • A desire to minister to youth on a weekly basis for at least one year.​
  • A willingness to serve as a Christian role model.​
  • A weekly commitment to Sunday liturgy.​​​

Family Catechesis (Grades 1-8): If you love your Catholic faith and have a desire to share it, there are opportunities to volunteer in FFF during our Family Catechesis Sunday morning classes from 9:15 am - 10:45 am. We need:

  • Catechists (teachers) - Catechists have the primary responsibility for implementing our curriculum, Finding God, in the classroom. The materials are very easy and lesson planning is made very simple. We offer lots of training and assistance whenever needed. Catechists typically spend 1-2 hours preparing for their weekly class.

  • Classroom Aides - Aides assist the primary catechist and act as a substitute if the catechist is sick or unable to make a session.

  • Hall Monitors  - To keep our families safe, we ask that we have at least one parent downstairs and one parent upstairs in the hallways, at all times, to ensure doors are locked and only authorized people have access to the classes. Hall monitors are also an extra set of hands and eyes to help maintain order in the building.​







Stewardship is having the wisdom to understand that everything we have is a gift from God.

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