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The Department of Youth Faith Formation has several volunteer opportunities for families and teens (Confirmation students - THIS MEANS YOU!) to make a difference with the youth of our parish:

  1. Catechists (also known as teachers) and Class Aides. The catechists and aides serve as the backbone of our weekly faith formation program. We are always looking for caring adults who love their faith and have a desire to share that faith with children. If you think God may be calling you to this important ministry, click on "becoming a catechist" to look through the following resources then contact us!
  2. Core Team Members. The core team is essential to the Life Teen and EDGE programs. The adults that give of their time to teach, build relationships with, and provide good examples for our youth are SO necessary! I think it would be particularly powerful to have some parents on the team. Teenagers are constantly looking to their parents to provide active examples of the values they preach. We could also use some post-Confirmation young adults. Please consider volunteering with our teens!
  3. Youth Ministry Chaperones. There are several events scheduled throughout the calendar that require additional volunteers to help supervise. Check the emails for upcoming opportunities or contact Sarah for more information.
  4. Kids Night Out and Edge Night Volunteers. This is one opportunity for our teens to serve their parish... one Friday a month students have an opportunity for fun and games. Volunteers are needed as chaperones and to help serve food. Contact Melissa for more information.

Volunteer Information and Requirements

The Diocese requires all adults who REGULARLY work with youth to have a completed application, sign a Code of Conduct and complete Safe Environment training. Our training consists of attending a “Protecting God’s Children” workshop AND monthly continuing education bulletins. To find a list of upcoming "Protecting God's Children" workshops and to register for the bulletins please visit I strongly encourage you to watch the pre-registration video (you'll see the link to the video when you click on the hyperlink above).

In addition to the workshop and bulletin there are two mandatory forms to complete and return to the Department of Youth Fait Formation:

Volunteer Application

Code of Conduct

Statement from the Diocese of Buffalo

The Diocese of Buffalo believes in the priority of on-going faith formation for Catholics of all ages. With this in mind, they require that all catechists be not only a practicing Catholic, but also be properly prepared for this ministry.  

Catechists who have been entrusted with handing on the faith and supporting the catechetical and evangelizing mission of the parish must participate in our diocesan catechist formation process as detailed below:

• All catechists & catechetical leaders will complete 5 hours of Catholic formation/theological education annually aligned with the required standards of the diocesan Catechist Formation Process. The diocese will issue a certificate of completion for these 5 hours; these 5 hours need have a minimum of 3 hours in one of the prescribed theological topics outlined in the Diocesan Catechist Formation Curriculum, which will be noted on the certificate.  

• Each catechist should maintain their own Catechist Formation Record and submit it to the parish catechetical leader annually as requested. 

In order to support each catechist as they work towards their 5 hours of formation, Annunciation offers the following formation opportunities including Catechist Magazine, a resource room, and online formation materials:

Catechist Magazine - Catechists who would like to receive a copy of Catechist Magazine for formation, can contact the office for a complimentary subscription.

Ministry Essentials Annunciation is pleased to offer the opportunity for catechists to enroll at Christ the King Seminary. We will pick up the tab for any two Ministry Essential courses or will put $100 towards the series of 12 classes.

Catechist and Volunteer Resource Room

Annunciation also has a great resource Center, located in the old school library. Here you will find hours and hours of training materials, both in print and on video, classroom ideas and SO MUCH MORE! 

Catechist and Volunteer Online Formation Material

Institute of Catholic Culture -this is an excellent and FREE resource with over 700 hours of quality Catholic faith formation. Lots to choose from!

The Six Tasks of Catechesis by Joe Paprocki, Loyola Press (6 Minutes)

The Spirituality of the Catechist by Joe Paprocki, Loyola Press (6 minutes)

An Introduction to the Catechist's Webinar by Joe Paprocki, Loyola Press Part One - Section 1.

Ave Maria Press online Free development webinars for parish ministers! You may also view the previous Webinar Recordings, for free!

Loyola Institute for Ministry  Great webinars each month plus you can view past webinars.

Sadlier Religion  View their past webinars from the Year of Faith!  Pick and choose what meets your needs. 

Here are some other interesting websites for training and resources.  Check them out:


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