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Comprehensive Faith Formation Curriculum 

The Diocese of Buffalo requires all parish faith formation programs to implement the diocesan religion curriculum which presents an authentic and relevant presentation of the Catholic faith, faithful to the standards and mandates of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). This allows students of all grade levels to be challenged and grow as persons and believers in today's world. In our parish faith formation programs, Christian values are incorporated into all aspects of the curriculum. 

"Forming Disciples," the Diocesan Faith Formation curriculum at the elementary level, contains the essential content of Catholic doctrine to be taught at each grade level. Each grade level includes a list of vocabulary words, prayers, and saints that students at each level should have mastered.

Students learn Sacred Scripture, the Creed, prayer, and social justice related to each faith theme. They also study saints that exemplify correlated Christian virtues. Age-appropriate service projects provide the link to integrate these practices into their daily life.

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All formation students should ideally participate in family daily prayer, weekly Mass and seasonal liturgical programs and events at Annunciation Parish. The resources above are to provide parents with suggestions that can help them to reinforce faith at home.

Youth Ministry Curriculum

Our Junior High program uses the Life Teen Curriculum for EDGE. Detailed information including a video presentation of EDGE can be found here: EDGE

Our High School program uses the Life Teen Curriculum. Detailed information including videos for Life Teen can be found here: LIFE TEEN



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