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 “Catechesis is an education in the faith of children, young people, and adults which includes especially the teaching of Christian doctrine imparted, generally speaking, in an organic and systematic way, with a view to initiating the hearers into the fullness of Christian life." (John Paul II, Catechesi Tradendae)

The Youth Faith Formation Program at Annunciation exists for the purpose of spreading the Good News of Christ to its students and to their families. The catechists are committed to assisting families in the beautiful task of molding young disciples in the faith. As an active parishioner of Annunciation, it is expected that youth are enrolled in Faith Formation beginning in 1st grade and concluding with Confirmation. After Confirmation, we hope that teens continue with youth ministry, young adult programming, or join a parish small group.  Faith Formation is a lifelong process!

Annunciation parish is pleased to offer several different faith formation models to suit the needs of your family:


1. A Family of Faith: Family Faith Sharing Pilot Program (Grades PreK - 8) 

This program is the preferred model of faith formation as the entire family is involved in the formation process and faith becomes a central part of family life, not just something done once per week. In this model, parents are the primary teachers of their children with the full support of the faith formation team at Annunciation. You must be a registered parishioner of Annunciation Parish to sign up for this model.

A Family of Faith follows a four-year cycle: one pillar of the Catechism is covered per year from September through May. Parents are given a detailed picture of authentic and vibrant Catholic family life, the tools to implement this life in their home, and age-appropriate readings, games, crafts, and other activities to help them deepen among their children a love for Christ and His Church. The program consists of:
  • A monthly parent session to catechize parents through insightful teachings and discussions. This meeting is meant to help parents assume their role as the primary educator and catechist of their children. Our seminarian, Peter Bassey, will be facilitating these sessions. Sessions will be held on the first Wednesday of each month.
  • Once per month, the entire family gathers with their faith sharing group (made up of 3 to 4 families), at a time that is most convenient for them, for a group sharing activity to reinforce the monthly lessons. This could include activities ranging from picnics and feast day celebrations to prayer groups and adoration.
  • Over the course of the month, parents teach two lessons to their children at home with the easy-to-use A Family of Faith parent guide and student activity books.
  • Fee (before 7/1) - $60 parishioner 
  • Fee (as of 7/1) - $75  parishioner 


2. Youth Faith Formation Class (Grades 1 – 5)

This is a traditional classroom program led by our dedicated volunteer catechists and aides, and it uses the Finding God curriculum from Loyola Press. To better align with the new diocesan curriculum and to provide more opportunities for the entire family to participate in the formation process, there will be a few updates to this program. The program consists of:

  • Sunday Morning Faith Formation classes.
  • Students will read assigned chapters at home, in preparation for the Sunday class.
  • At the beginning of each unit, there will be a family session (roughly once every 5 weeks), where the entire family is encouraged to attend and participate. Our seminarian, Peter Bassey, will be facilitating these sessions.
  • Fourth grade is a special year, and instead of using the curriculum, they are given Bibles and focus on Scripture and prayers - It's an exciting year!
  • Fee (before 7/1) - $60 parishioner $85 non-parishioner
  • Fee (as of 7/1) - $75  parishioner $100 non-parishioner


3. Faith Formation @ Home (Grades 1-8)
For registered parishioners, we have a home-based formation program which allows students to work through a grade-level formation program, at home. This program will use the same textbook as our class-based formation program, Finding God.
**Note: This program should be selected only if the first two options simply will not work for your family due to scheduling conflicts. This program requires a lot of parental monitoring and students sometimes find themselves falling behind, so parents should carefully consider their family dynamic and the student’s ability to work independently, before selecting this model. This program consists of:
  • Weekly assignments that are completed by students and monitored by parents.
    • The preferred curriculum is the Finding God textbook with online quizzes.
    • Alternatively, if students have used the My Catholic Faith Delivered program in the past, and prefer the online format, they can continue with that program.
  • Weekly quizzes, completed online and submitted to the office of YFF.
  • At the beginning of each unit, there will be a family session (roughly once every 5 weeks), where the entire family is encouraged to attend and participate. Our seminarian, Peter Bassey, will be facilitating these sessions.
  • Fee (before 7/1) - $60 parishioner
  • Fee (as of 7/1) - $75  parishioner 


4. EDGE (Grades 6-8)
EDGE at Annunciation is the middle school component of Life Teen and meets Sunday mornings with monthly Social Nights. EDGE serves as faith formation for Grades 6-8 and teaches youth the fundamentals of our faith in a fun, relatable, and energetic atmosphere. Kids are encouraged to ask questions, to participate in activities, and to enter into a relationship with their peers and with the Lord. Edge is an opportunity for kids to encounter Jesus and learn what it means to truly listen to, follow, and serve Him in His Church.
  • Fee (before 7/1) - $60 parishioner $85 non-parishioner
  • Fee (as of 7/1) - $75  parishioner $100 non-parishioner
5. High School 
High School Faith Formation is included in our two-year Confirmation Prep program. Details can be found on the Confirmation tab.

* If fewer than five students are registered for any class (by 7/1/17), the class will not be held and registered students will be asked to chose a different class.

In addition to class time, several opportunities to gather will be scheduled throughout the year for Family Movie Nights, Kids Night Out events, and Edge Nights. Check the Calendar page for current events!


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