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Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 7PM in Selbert Hall. 

Chair:  Larry Komendat -





April 9, 2018




In Attendance: 


Bill Markowski                    Shaun Beckwith

Tom Zwack                         Father Gene                                                                                         

Larry Komendat                 Deacon Jim Jawarski 

John Neidhart                     Janet Faulhaber



The meeting convened at 7:00 PM in the meeting room in Selbert Hall. 


The minutes from March 12, 2018 meeting were accepted.  


Discussion followed

Master Plan:

             Cemetery Renovation: 

  1. Ace Flag will only quote 4” round aluminum cross at $2,100 plus $750 for installation. Quote 

Received from General Welding for a 4” square cross similar to original drawing without taper for 

$1,835 plus @ $1000 installation. Awaiting quotes from Copper & Slate and Dan Beal. Note: Mockup of cross to drawings dimensions in place on new chapel. Please observe and comment.

  1. Planter at the cross in center of cemetery has been removed. Pavers have been saved and may be incorporated into the new design at cross in old section of cemetery.
  2. Lighting of cross to be determined. Tom Kujawa will suggest appropriate lighting. We request electrical engineer to select fixtures for proper lighting. We would also like fixture on astronomical time clock with override switch. Same switch for light inside chapel.
  3. Locating and plotting of underground pipes in new cemetery completed by Applus RTD at cost of $1,200. Tim Lavocat is reviewing findings and will suggest new drainage plan for storm water.Tim shot grades April 13th and sent out drawing April 14th with proposed changes to move drainage from proposed burial sites. 
  4. Removal of telephone pole at Mother Freiburger Chapel. Meter and service line from NYSEG pole have been removed. Spectrum cable line from NYSEG pole to our pole then underground to parish office is still in place. New cable to be requested underground when we replace parking lot. At that time we will remove pole at chapel.
  5. We request roof trim metal installed ASAP as roof edge has been left exposed.
  6. Columbarium to be leveled and re-aligned after overhead work is complete and grounds are dry.
  7. Foundation sketch received for thickened slab under alter. Request for foundation sketch for monument in center of circular full burial section and future columbarium.
  8. Work to resume 1st week of April with site work to follow as site conditions allow.

Storage Building/Pavilion:

      Bids were received on January 29th. Telco Construction was awarded the contract at a cost of $557,000. We approve siding with exposed fasteners at a cost savings of $3,260. Deacon Jim, Tom Kujawa and Janet F. to select color. Wood bead board ceilings to remain in contract. Macken Services to be awarded septic system at a cost of $12,000, a $2,134 savings. A family donation will cover the cost of concrete pad under the pavilion in lieu of blacktop. Proof rolling of existing soil in building and driveway areas failed. SJB services requested cutting 12” of additional material, installing geotextile fabric and 2” crusher run rolled to proper grade. The estimate for this additional work is $22,500.                                                                                                                                     


              Northwest corner lot:

  1. Boundary and Topographic survey received from Millard, MacKay and Delles. A grading plan quote has been received from Tim Lavocat. We recommend to accept proposal from Tim Lavocat at a cost of $3,575 as quoted on December 16, 2018. Also we recommend the necessary inspections at $200 per inspection. 


 Old Business:

  1. Roof plan of the campus has been updated reflecting year each roof was installed and contractor used. Inspection report by Gary Browne of parish center, gym and school roofs showing serviceable life included in package. Parish office and Bldg. & Gr. Have a copy of the package.


  New Business

  1. Repair of masonry joints in the church may be necessary.  Larry K. to grind and point mortar joints as necessary. 
  2. Frost free hose bib on order for spigot in garden outside West entrance to church and hall.


            Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM


   Next meeting: Tuesday May 14, 2018 at 7 PM at Selbert Hall meeting room. 







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