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Heart Talks With Mary

The Church of the Annunciation Ladies Sodality.

February 2019, Vol. 56, Issue 5



Elaine Young



Heart Talks:

Debbie Wirth


Vice Prefect:

Diane DiDomenico




Marie O’Mara



Marina Whitacre




Gail Buehlmann



Bev Walnicki




Fran Suszka



Evelyn Frank




Stephanie Young


Pastoral Council:

Gail Buehlmann




Linda Schiffman



Betsy Uhrich







Apostolic: Please pray for the following sick and recovering: Dawn Marie (Bouno), Gail Buehlmann, Rosemary Courtney, Jeanette Dean, Sue Eck, Reggie Garbacz and son, Dennis, Irene Garvey, Dorothy Grucella, Baby Harper, Bonnie and Don King, Dorothy Korn, Dominica Limburg, Diane Lojacono, Ruth Lorenz, Mary Ellen Losko, Baby McPartlan, Mary Jane Mustillo, Chris Pankiewicz, Bella Pellittieri, Dorothy Plewinski, Helen Reigle, Rita Szymanski, Betsy Uhrich, Rita Walter, Jennifer Wolski, and Mary Wood.

            If you or someone in your family needs our prayers, please call Elaine Young (684-4920).  We would like to keep our list current, so names will be removed after two months unless we are notified.  The long-term homebound are exempt from this policy.

            Reminder—call Betsy Uhrich if you know of anyone who is sick. 


Hostesses for the February 13thmeeting:  Mary Arena, Linda Schiffman, Bev Walnicki, Marina Whitacre, and Debbie Wirth

            This meeting will be at NOON in Selbert Hall.  It will be a Pot Luck Lunch.  Please bring a “lunch” dish or dessert to pass.  Captain Wayne Wolfe of the Erie County Sheriff’s Mounted Division will give an “Active Shooter” talk at 1:30PM.


            Sodality Sunday was December 16th.  There were 23 Sodalists and 6 spouses in attendance.  On January 20th, attendance was light due to a snowstorm. There were 6 Sodalists and 4 spouses.  The next Sodality Sunday will be February 17th.  Please join us at the 8 AM Mass.


February Birthdays: 7 - Vicki Kamholz, 14 - Dorothy Korn, 16 - Cass Ketten, Phyllis Andre & Fr. Gene, 18 - Eleanor Clabeaux, 24 - Rita Walter, 25 - Kathy Killelea, 26 - Rose Schaefer, 27 - Chris  Ryngwalski


            The Bake Sale will be held on February 9thand 10th. Baked goods may be dropped off as early as 4 PM on Saturday or before any Mass.  Please consider baking one or more items to sell. Pies sell especially well and we make a good profit from them.  Let’s bake enough so those attending 11:00 Mass can enjoy our tasty creations!

            Our March meeting will also be a “lunch meeting”.  Bring your own lunch in a brown bag.  After eating, we will have a pound auction to benefit the Baskets of Blessings.  Bring a wrapped item that weighs a pound.  If you are donating a food item, please be mindful of the expiration dates. No one wants to bid on something and then have to throw it out because it has long expired.


            There are still quite a few members who have not paid their dues.  Please check with Bev Walnicki to make sure you have paid!


            Our Rummage Sale will be held on April 27th. Start cleaning those closets and cupboards so we can have a successful sale.


            We will continue to collect jewelry and toys throughout the year for our Country Store Booth at next year’s picnic.


Flowers for Mary:

            February 1                            Stephanie Young

            February 8                              Jeanette Dean

            February 15                            Barb Woody

            February 22                            Christine Ryngwalski



February 9 - 10

Bake Sale

February 13

Meeting at NOON in Selbert - Pot Luck / “Active Shooter” talk

February 17

Sodality Sunday – 8 AM Mass

February 19

Executive Board Meeting 9:30 AM in meeting room

March 13

Meeting at NOON in Selbert - Brown Bag Lunch / Pound Auction

March 17

Sodality Sunday – 8 AM Mass

March 26

Executive Board Meeting 9:30 AM in meeting room

April 10

Meeting at 6:30 PM in Selbert

April 16

Executive Board Meeting 9:30 AM in meeting room


No Sodality Mass in April as it falls on Easter Sunday.

April 25 - 27

Rummage Sale

May 8

Meeting at 6:30 PM in Selbert – installation of new members

May 14

Executive Board Meeting 9:30 AM in meeting room

May 19

Sodality Sunday – 8 AM Mass

June 12

Installation Dinner at Alton’s


Food For Thought:                       

            “A right is not what someone gives you; it’s what no one can take from you.”

                                                                                                Ramsey Clark


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