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June 03, 2018

Most Holy Body & Blood of Christ

Like thoroughbred horse racing’s Triple Crown (Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes) we have three solemnities in a row: Pentecost, Most Holy Trinity and Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. These feast days celebrate fundamental mysteries of our Catholic faith.

The institution of Eucharist is commemorated on Holy Thursday when we remember Jesus taking and sharing bread and wine with the disciples as the precious gift of his very life, his Body and Blood, in anticipation of his sacrificial and redemptive death on the cross. Today we deepen our appreciation of the real or true presence of Jesus in Holy Communion. “Through the power of the eucharistic prayer, the elements of bread and wine are transfigured into the body and blood of Jesus and people are invited to come forward and feast on the Lord.” -- Eucharist p. 57 by Bishop Robert Barron

For those familiar with J.R.R. Tolkien’s Fellowship of the Ring, you’ll recall “lembas” a special bread of the elves that Galadriel gives to the Hobbits to sustain them on their epic journey. It is also called “way bread.” It has special properties to nourish in the face of evil. Holy Communion is “way bread” for all who follow Jesus Christ. 

On Saturday morning Bishop Malone ordains Deacon Peter Bassey a priest for the Church at Buffalo. On Sunday at 11 AM Fr. Peter Bassey offers his first Mass. Fittingly, it happens on Corpus Christi Sunday. What a special day to receive Holy Communion! 

Most Holy Trinity

10th Sunday Ordinary


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