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        ✝️ The Parish Office encourages the use of appointments.

Call 683-5254 or [email protected] for an appointment for documents or to arrange to have a Mass said for a loved one. Some transactions, but not all, may be done by phone, mail, and email.



Masses are now available. Please contact the Parish Office if you wish to schedule a Mass.

Please note that our Mass schedule has changed for both the weekend and weekday Masses.


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Thank you to all the parishioners within our Family of Parishes who took part in the first Life in the Eucharist Retreat afternoon held at St. Vincent de Paul Parish.

This Sunday we will reflect on Eucharist as Reconciliation at St. Joseph Parish in Holland. Remember that it is never too late to register for an afternoon Retreat.

The Gospel today is a mountain experience. Peter, James and John witnessed Jesus being transfigured before their eyes! What they saw was truly the Power of God. Less than two weeks ago we came to church and started our Lenten journey with ashes. Perhaps we did so with the pure inten- tion of doing something special during Lent which would help us change, become a better person or deepen our faith. How has our journey been progressing? Through prayer, fasting and almsgiving have we encountered the transfig- ured Jesus? Have we felt the power of God in any of our day-to-day moments?

Marks Gospel is the perfect, How is your journey through Lent going so far” check-up. Its a pause and re- flect moment. How are we being transformed? How have we changed so far? How has our Lenten journey given us time to readjust our heavenly compass?

Lent is only 12 days old. Peter, James and John were changed because of what they experienced on a mountain. Their lives were changed. Be encouraged and strengthened as we refocus and continue to walk the next 28 days. How can we change and be transformed through these next few weeks?

Take some prayer time and listen deeply to the voice of Jesus. Take advantage of the Life in the Eucharist Retreat days. Come for the Stations of the Cross on Friday evening. Spend some quiet time in silent prayer. Help someone who needs assistance.

Dont be overwhelmed. Change one thing in your life that will help you become a better person. Change one thing that will bring you closer to God and will change and transform your life. Have the courage to change just one thing.

Fr. Jerry









If you wish to pray the Rosary with another voice the following links will provide you with that opportunity:


CLICK HERE to pray with a video of the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary


CLICK HERE to pray with a video of the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary


CLICK HERE to pray with a video of the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary


CLICK HERE to pray with a video of the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary



Click here to read the Diocesan Code of Conduct for Employees and Volunteers




New Schedules for

WHEAT Scattered and Sown Family of Parishes



4 pm St. Vincent

4:30 pm Immaculate Conception


8 am Annunciation

8 am Immaculate Conception

9 am St. Joseph

9:30 am Immaculate Conception

10 am St. Vincent

10:30 am St. George

11 am Annunciation

5 pm Annunciation



7 am Annunciation

8 am Immaculate Conception


8 am St. George

8 am St. Vincent

9:15 am Immaculate Conception

6 pm Mass at St. Vincent then 6:30-7:30 pm Adoration


7am Annunciation

8am Immaculate Conception


8am Immaculate Conception

8am St. Joseph

6pm Mass at St. Vincent then 6:30-7:30 pm Adoration


7 am Annunciation

1st Friday Nocturnal Adoration

3rd Friday Adoration at 9:30am

8 am St. George

6 pm 1st Friday of the month only,

devotions at

St. Vincent’s (Adoration, Rosary, Confession) followed by 7 pm Mass,

Anointing of the Sick, then a social.


8 am St. Joseph

Check the bulletin for Holy Day times.

                        Confessions at Annunciation: 4:00PM on Sunday and upon request. Anointing of the Sick on the first Sunday of the month after the 11AM Mass.


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