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    Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 7PM in Selbert Hall or by zoom.

Chair:  Larry Komendat - [email protected]





February 13, 2023


                          In Attendance: 


              Bill Markowski                              John Neidhart                                  

              Larry Komendat                           


              The meeting convened at 7 PM in the meeting room in Selbert Hall and began with a prayer.


              Minutes from the December 12, 2023 meeting were accepted.



 Old Business:                                                                                                                                                                       

  1. A sign for the playground stating “Use Limited to Students and Staff During School Hours” needs to be ordered.
  2. Security cameras are to be installed at the pavilion and in the playground.



New Business:


  1. The bid for installation of new air conditioning units ($52,732.00) for the church from Mollenburg-Betz has been accepted. We have accepted the bid for the equipment needed to update the units through Trane. The cost of the air conditioning equipment is $33,289.00. Replacement of the old vacuum controls will be added to the project once all new AC equipment has been installed in the Spring. 
  2. A list of general repairs needed in the school has been received from Melissa in Faith Formation. Remedial work on the list is ongoing. A review of the list is in order.
  3. Langley Hall is scheduled to be used this winter for meetings. We suggest turning up the furnace one day prior to meetings and turning on the ceiling fan to circulate the heat that accumulates at the high ceiling in Langley Hall. We will ask for quotes from Home Insulation and Urban Insulation to add fiberglass to Langley”s attic.
  4. The Holy Name Society has secured a bid of $21,290.16 from Thomann Asphalt to  blacktop a 50’ by 51’ area to the South of the Pavilion to be used for pickleball and as a dance floor for the Annunciation Picnic in August. An alternate to install a trench drain between the pad and the pavilion would cost $11,334.15. The Holy Name is reviewing the quote.
  5. The Holy Name Society has also asked us to secure a bid to replace Selbert Hall’s rug tile. RWF Flooring has provided samples for $2.79/sf. We have a quote of $2.50/sf. for installation. The Holy Name is reviewing the quote. 
  6. Father Gene suggested having our chairs in Selbert Hall re-upholstered. A quote of $100 per chair from Upholstery Unlimited to re-upholster the chairs was secured. New (Harmony Premium) chairs cost $52.95 each and an equal to our existing chairs would cost $40.00 each. We have received fabric samples from ChurchPlaza that we will review along with the flooring samples at the March 12th meeting.
  7. Quotes were secured to replace the concrete pad and steps behind the rectory. Lakeside Concrete was awarded the contract for $4,838.00. Work to be done in the Spring of 2024.
  8. A temporary patch was completed to the parking lot at Amigone Funeral parlor. 
  9. Contact a plumber to install a hot water on demand tank for the Alters Servers room.


              Future Improvements to the Pavilion & Storage Building:

  1. Permanent propane gas line to be installed for the chowder kettles and hot water tank.
  2. Clean-up around backstop from “The Natural” movie. A plaque designating site to be installed.


Future Projects

  1. Replacement of the blacktop parking lot at the Southwest corner lot at the Amigone Funeral parlor. Catch basin to drain the lot to Clinton St. will be included. Engineer Tim Lavocat has been hired to prepare a drawing for bid purposes and for the New York State permit to drain the parking lot to the Clinton St. storm drain.
  2. Rectory roof- in the next 5 years.
  3. Sacristy roof has been inspected by Gary Browne. He suggests it has another 5 years before replacement and to go ahead with air conditioner condenser replacement prior to the new roof.
  4. Replace electrical service to Langley Hall and update main panel in the school boiler room. Bill Markowski has secured a bid from HDE Electric Inc. at a cost of $55,550.00 for this work. With completion of this work we would eliminate a separate service bill for Langley Hall.
  5. Replacement of siding on Langley Hall. Samples of vinyl siding were secured from ABC Supply on Broadway and Ash St.


            Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM


            Next meeting. Tuesday, March 12, 2024 at 7 PM in the meeting room in Selbert Hall. 





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